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Happy New Year 2023!

I'm a little late posting the picture of my recycled glass project, I know. I got caught up in having all my kids back home and general holiday cheer. But here it is now...ta da!

Speaking of cheer, I'm not big on making (and often breaking) New Year resolutions, but I am a huge believer in fresh starts and I'm a lover of words. To that end, I've decided to carry three words into 2023 with me: hope, strength, and cheer. I'm going to hold onto them through the year--they will be my go-to any time I need a boost.

What's on my T.V.? Criminal Minds: Evolution. I've been a fan of the original for years (still re-watch regularly), so I had to check it out. This reboot has a grittier feel, but it's still full of suspense, action, and great storytelling. It has some of the classic characters too. My favorite, JJ Jareau (Pennsylvania Petite her BAU pals might say), is still kicking ass, same as ever. David Rossi remains on the team as well, and did you know Rossi's expression "jag off" is actually a classic Pittsburgh phrase? It's true! We say it all the time here in my hometown.

In addition to my hand-painted, fairy lights wine bottles, I've included a pic of some ornaments I made too. You know how when you buy a pretty or fun pack of napkins for a cocktail party there's always just a few left unused at the end of the night? Well, renew, reuse, and recycle I say. I took some sliced wood rounds and wooden cut-outs, pulled out the Mod Podge, and voila--cute, festive ornaments!

Drop me a note and let me know if you have a good recycled-item craft you enjoy--I'm always on the lookout for something new to try. Next time I'm going to share some big writerly news, so stay tuned. Wishing you all a 2023 full of hope, strength, and cheer!



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