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May Is Busting Out All Over!

Hey friends, what an exciting time of year--school is almost out, Pride Month is coming up, the Golden Crown Literary Society conference in Denver is only a month away. The anticipation is delicious!

In writing news, I'm pleased to announce my next book will be released by Bella books on July 13th. An Acquired Taste is the story of Elle and Ashley, former rival teen stars now looking to revamp their careers as adults on a celebrity cooking competition show. As they face off I promise plenty of sizzle and heat both inside and outside of the kitchen! You can pre-order it at Bella books here:

Have you been watching Yellowjackets? Oh, it's a wild ride! Season two just wrapped up on Showtime. I find the storytelling through both past and present narratives fascinating, and the acting is phenomenal! And the soundtrack is jam-packed with 90's angst rock that pulls you right into the setting. Of course it stars one of my all-time favorite actors--Melanie Lynskey. That woman has been in everything (yes, even The L Word) and she always gives a top-notch performance. If you're looking for a mystery/survival-adventure with a definite creepy vibe, this is the show for you.

Even with the fluster of activity that is the month of May, I've managed to fit in some crafting time. In my current work in progress the main character stress-crafts coasters made from ceramic tiles, patterned paper, and a healthy coating of Mod Podge. I gave the project a whirl too--the results are pictured above. Top tip if you try it yourself: once the Mod Podge has dried, apply a spray-on sealant to finish the coaster off.

Now go--get out there--enjoy Pride and all the joys of summer! And let me know if you'll be in Denver for GCLS--I'd love to connect!



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