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Welcome! And Happy Pride!

Pride month feels like the perfect time to launch my new website--summer kicking off, parades marching loud and proud, and rainbows springing up everywhere. On top of that, it seems like lately everybody's ready to start reconnecting, and I'm here for it! These posts are are my way of staying in touch, and maybe starting some conversations with the Sapphic lit community.

Here's what you can expect in these musings from me:

  1. Updates on my latest project - these may be book or writing related, but I'm a big believer in working all creative sides of my brain, so sometimes maybe not. I might be up to crafts, home projects or other oddities.

  2. Pop culture talk. Everyone knows I'm a big pop culture fan, so I'll share what I've been watching, reading, or possibly even listening to. By the way, I just finished watching the latest season of Hacks, and I loved it! I've been a fan of Jean Smart since the eighties when she was on Designing Women. She was awesome back then, and she's a national treasure and a total force now. Hacks is a combination of excellent writing, top-notch acting, and perfect comedic timing.

  3. The real me. I've worked too hard and come too dang far for me to be anything less.

So welcome to my website - I'm glad you stopped by. Let's get the conversation started - drop me a note and tell me if you've seen Hacks and what you thought of it. And if you have any good rec's for what I should watch next, please let me know!



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2 תגובות

11 ביוני 2022

Happy Pride! So excited!!!


Jaime Tracktenberg
Jaime Tracktenberg
10 ביוני 2022

Happy Pride!!

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